Dermatology Research Institute: The Future of Dermatology

Dr. InstituteFor more than three decades, Dr. Fredric S. Brandt was a pioneer researcher in the fields of cosmetic and clinical dermatology. Located near Miami, Dr. Brandt’s Dermatology Research Institute in Coral Gables is the leading dermatological research center in the U.S., and continues to be selected to perform FDA-approved pivotal clinical trials for multinational pharmaceutical and medical device companies. For you, this means direct access to the latest innovations and revolutionary treatments for beautiful, healthy skin.

Dermatology Research Institute

The Dermatology Research Institute, located at our Miami dermatology office in Coral Gables, has a complete state-of-the-art research infrastructure solely dedicated to clinical trials. The specialized staff of research professionals and associates performs clinical research on FDA-approved protocols, cosmetic ingredients and treatments. Following in Dr. Brandt’s footsteps, the team also develops its own research protocols to evaluate the efficacy of new therapies and perform dozens of FDA-approved clinical trials each year.

The Institute was instrumental in the FDA approval of BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, Restylane®, Perlane®, Sculptra® and several other cosmetic products. The Institute is currently testing the latest generation of muscle relaxant toxins, dermal fillers and lasers with more than 200 patients enrolled in studies.

Upcoming Studies

The research team’s investigational pursuits keep the Institute’s associates at the forefront of medical and technological advances, and have allowed them to contribute immensely to their professional field. They frequently lecture at professional meetings and constantly publish scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals.