A pioneer in the field of cosmetic dermatology

Dr. Brandt skincare was built on the vision and direction of founder, world-renowned celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Fredric Brandt. More than just a skin expert—he was an anti-aging authority with a legion of devoted patients that include stars of film, music and television, powerful CEOs and the most influential women in the beauty and fashion industries.

Dr. Brandt created his skincare line out of dissatisfaction with the skincare products that were available to his patients. There were plenty of products on the market but there was not yet a "philosophy of total skin care." He focused his development in two areas: New treatments that could deliver skincare benefits similar to his in-office procedures and products that would deliver powerful anti-aging results. Dr. Brandt responded to the demand for his products by stepping up his research to develop increasingly sophisticated and targeted ways to help women:

  • Repair the signs of skin damage;
  • Maintain the most beautiful, youthful skin possible
  • Gracefully combat the signs of advancing age

He also established the Dermatology Research Institute, which is now one of the nation’s top resources for conducting clinical research studies and FDA trials for the cosmetic dermatology industry. Focusing on understanding skin aging, two core principals guide the Institute’s work:

  • Never be content with the status quo
  • Drive innovation based on the needs of women and not marketing opportunity

The continuing development of dr. brandt® skincare is aided by a rare resource advantage: The dermatology practice that Dr. Brandt established, which now includes leading cosmetic dermatologists, skin surgeons and plastic surgeons. The practice has become one of the largest, most active in the country with more that 100 patients seen everyday.

dr. brandt® skincare offers the most complete spectrum of skincare and anti-aging solutions, bringing women many firsts along the way. While serious science is at his core, Dr. Brandt believed the other key ingredient to beautiful skin is a potent youth serum called ’joy.‘ This belief was embodied in Dr. Brandt’s youthful, joyous spirit and in the way he practiced his art every day.

Today, dr. brandt® skincare shares this joyous spirit in everything we do, from the personality and expression of our communications and packaging, to the people we hire, and the events and causes we support. Our mission is to be the leader in skincare and anti-aging technology and the most sought after brand in the world of skincare.