What is it? 
Dr. Brandt’s technologically advanced blemish fighting complex that:
• inhibits bacteria growth
• removes impurities & dead skin cells
• absorbs & regulates oil & sebum production
• promotes faster reduction & improvement in the appearance of blemishes
• helps shield skin from future breakouts









Key Ingredients 
Key Benefits
Salicylic Acid 
• Exfoliates (breaks apart oil & removes dead skin cells), keeps pores clean,
  prevents clogging.
Flaxseed Extract
• Absorbs & regulates the secretion of sebum
Glyceryl Caprylate
• Prevents growth of acne producing bacteria (P.Acnes)
Unique Ingredients
Picea Abies Extract
• Rapidly inhibits bacterial activity & triggers skin defense to reduce inflammation
Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-26
• Speeds improvement of active acne blemishes through anti-microbial / anti-bacterial activity