What is it? 

Dr. Brandt’s age-defying skincare system is designed to counteract the loss of elasticity and firmness associated with maturing skin. 
This innovative Platinum Delivery System works like skin’s own GPS, carrying active ingredients deeper into the skin. 

    “time arrest® represents a quantum leap in the way we’re able to deliver active ingredients into the skin”, says Dr. Brandt. 
    "These nano-particles provide direct contact with targeted problem areas to repair and restore skin’s structure."
  • Nanoparticles have been proposed as biomedical devices to a large number of applications due to their versatile character. 
  • This is due to a number of beneficial aspects, including a specific surface area & adsorption energy, thus enabling physically powerful attachment of active biomolecules.
  • Platinum Nanoparticles bonded with biological molecules have been employed in materials science & biological research in recent years.
  • Platinum Nanoparticles can improve peptide delivery by directly improving pharmacokinetics & biodistribution to increase solubility & effectiveness.
Key Ingredients 
found in time arrest®
Key Benefits
delivered by nano-particle AGE REVERSING PLATINUM TECHNOLOGY
Platinum Heptapeptide 
• Improves the synthesis of Collagen Type I & III
• Significantly improves the skin surface texture
Hydroxyprolisilane CN® (silanol)
• Regenerates tissue by improving cell renewal, resulting in a more elastic and firmer skin
Mamaku vital essence
• Improves cell division. This action strengthens the epidermis by reinforcing 
  skin’s architecture, leading to increased skin density & firmness
D.S.H. CN® (silanol derivative of hyaluronic acid)
• Improves moisturization by increasing cell water content &  stimulates new cell growth 
Isocell™ life
• Provides hydration & protection from long term water (moisture) loss, thus recovering the look
  of vitality & youth 
Capillisil HC®
• Strengthens the tonicity of capillaries
• Helps reduce abnormal accumulation of lipids (fatty deposits) under thin layers of tissue, 
  decreasing the look & appearance of under eye bags
Sweet pea
• Helps to firm & tighten
• Fortifies & restructures the thin and fragile maturing skin
• Tightens & smoothes the skin