Stop dark spots before they start while fading the ones you already have!


Environmental Stress
Repeated sun exposure and pollution, among other factors, produce free radicals which trigger tyrosinase activity.
As such, more melanin is produced resulting in a patchy and non-uniform skin complexion commonly know as hyperpigmentation, discoloration and dark spots.


The normal aging process is responsible for the formation of lipofuscin, an aging pigment that is produced due to
the accumulation of cellular pollution in aging cells. It is considered one of the aging “wear-and-tear” pigments
and is commonly found in the liver, kidneys, adrenals and nerve cells. It is only on the skin where we see the accumulation of lipofuscin.
What is it?
A high performance lightening serum that targets sun spots, age spots and other skin
discolorations to deliver optimal dark spot fading results and a more even, brighter skin tone. This technologically advanced formula not only prevents melanin production but also helps reduce the formation of cellular debris that causes age spots.
Key Benefits:
  • Helps prevent formation of dark spots
  • Reduces discoloration to improve clarity & brighten skin tone
  • Promotes a more even, uniform complexion
Key Ingredients:
  • Age Spot Block – Combination of vitamin C, Olive leave extract & Zinc PCA: Reduces the formation of lipofuscin preventing age spots.
  • β-Bright (beta-bright) – Innovative encapsulated lightening peptide: Decreases tyrosinase activity and skin discoloration preventing the formation of sun spots.
  • Pomegranate Enzyme – Gently lifts unwanted pigmentation & dead cells from skin’s surface to help skin appear brighter, healthier & refreshed.
Dr. Brandt Recommends:
Twist to expose pump. Click to lock in place. After cleansing, apply to face, neck, and décolleté. Use am and pm.
Follow with your favorite dr. brandt® skincare moisturizer. When using any skin lightening product, it is very important to use daily UV protection while avoiding excessive sun exposure.