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Every formulation in Dr. Brandt’s line of top skin care products is a dedication to beautiful and younger looking skin. For ultimate anti-aging power, try Dr. Brandt’s latest innovation, Do Not Age with dr. brandt™ or Xtend Your Youth for the most potent anti-oxidant protection. If it’s luminous and glowing skin you are after, try out Glow by Dr. Brandt®. Manage pores and blemishes like no other with Pores No More® and Blemishes No More®.  Light Years Away lets you whiten, lighten and brighten your skin with its powerful blend of marine extracts, anti-aging properties and potent botanicals. Get instant results with our house calls products that mimic in-office procedures - it’s as good as taking Dr. Brandt home!

Why Choose Dr. Brandt’s Line of Skin Care Products?

Enjoy younger and healthier looking skin regardless of age or skin condition. Dr. Brandt’s technologically advanced skin care solutions are a powerful combination of superior delivery techniques and highly effective ingredients.  Experience skin-changing science with the best skin care line in cosmetic dermatology!  
Products Backed by 30 Years of Research and Expertise

Unlike traditional off-the-shelf skin care solutions, our products are a natural extension of founder and world-renowned practicing celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Brandt, who has contributed over 30 years of expertise in skin care practice and clinical research.  Formulated under strict pharmaceutical and dermatological supervision, they are rigorously tested for maximum safety and efficacy.
Diverse Range of Products

We have products ranging from fine lines and wrinkle repair solutions to formulations that offer powerful anti-aging properties.  With a potent mix of advanced western techniques and eastern botanicals, our products are custom formulated to deliver powerful and long-lasting results.  Suitable for a variety of skin types and condition, you can pick the solutions that best suit your needs.  
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