10 Minutes 10 Years
10 Minutes 10 Years
"Give me ten minutes a day", he says, "and I'll make your skin look ten years younger..."

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10 MINUTES/10 YEARS is a problem/solution-driven guidebook that reveals many unknown threats to the skin that ages it before its time, such as sugar,  a phenomenon Dr. Brandt identifies as glycation, a natural process where sugar molecules in the cells stick to protein fibers, binding them together causing the fibers to become stiff and brittle.  In other words, he says, sugar breaks down the collagen and binds to the elastin, causing them to harden. As a result, skin loses its elasticity and becomes more vulnerable to wrinkling, sagging and UV damage. 

10 MINUTES/10 YEARS introduces ways to reduce advanced glycation-end products (AGEs for short) and shares revolutionary information about AGEs in diet and food. Chock-full of essential tips that protect your skin from extrinsic and intrinsic aging factors, 10 MINUTES/10 YEARS is a comprehensive, authoritative overview of the major factors affecting the aging process of the skin. From the least invasive and less expensive options to prescription treatments and cosmetic procedures, 10 MINUTES/10 YEARS is the first skincare guide to demystify the claims and promises of today's countless anti-aging options by revealing what they can (or can't) do.  Once readers understand the basics, the book offers detailed sections that target an array of aging concerns and skin problems, and describes how to treat them. 

10 Minutes 10 Years
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