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Do Not Age with dr. brandt transforming pearl serum
Do Not Age with dr. brandt transforming pearl serum
universal anti-aging serum formulated with patented breakthrough DuoPearl technology
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1.35 fl oz / 40 ml

“I love how tight my face feels after applying more than I probably should” says Madonna as seen in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

ESSENCE Magazine 2014 Readers’ Choice Beauty Awards "Best Face Serum"

Formulated to jump-start skin’s metabolism and restore strength and vitality, while promoting and maintaining younger-looking skin, longer. The serum features Dr. Brandt’s exclusive Juvenessence+ Complex encapsulated in state of the art DuoPearl technology, the result of five years of research and six patents. Produced one by one, the pearls are like mini laboratories: combining lipo + hydrophases for maximum ingredient efficacy and preservation, they unlock the ultimate anti-aging power of Juvenessence+ Complex to reverse the domino effect of cellular aging. 

  • optimizes cell respiration
  • jump starts skin's metabolism
  • erases the signs of aging (loss of firmness/radiance/vitality)
  • minimizes roughness and wrinkles
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Do Not Age with dr. brandt transforming pearl serum

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"It's midwinter and My skin was looking really rough. I bought the serum and moisturizer and I am getting compliments non-stop!"
"Transforming Pearl Serum is a great product! I have used it under the corresponding face and eye cream. I have noticed that my skin looks very smooth and fresh, like I just returned from vacation. Worth buying if you're late 30's or older."
"Really great serum. Feels good on my skin and I am looking forward to the long term benefits. I use the Pores no more mattifying lotion instead of the DNA cream because my skin is combination and they both go well together."
– Mary, San Diego
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