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flaws no more r3p eye
flaws no more r3p eye
intense triple peptide eye cream, diminishes dark circles, deep lines & puffiness
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0.5 oz / 15 g


A rich, intense triple-peptide eye cream that delivers Vitamins A, C and E to diminish deep lines, dark circles, replenish moisture and repair the damage that time has left behind. Caffeine acts as an anti-inflammatory, reducing puffiness and stimulating circulation.

  • reduces signs of aging
  • supports natural production of collagen
  • repairs damaged skin 


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flaws no more r3p eye
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"r3p eye is an eye cream that minimizes my fine lines and hydrates the skin for a flawless eye area. A must have that I absolutely cannot live without!" - Danielle"
"I love this eye cream. It really addressed puffiness I was experiencing from lack of sleep and has reduced the appearance of fine lines around my eyes (they weren't bad at all but I wanted to improve their appearance before they got more noticeable). I notice that my concealer goes on much smoother now. As for my under eye circles, they are genetic but I have experienced a marked improvement in the discoloration around my eyes and find my eye area appears much brighter since I began using this "
"I have always struggled with deep lines and puffy bags under my eyes. It made me look years older than I am. I was so self-conscious about this that I NEVER let my picture get taken and when I had to (like family photos at Christmas) I wouldn't smile because it accentuated the bags. Well, not too long ago I was lucky enough to get some Flaws No More r3p eye cream. I really mean LUCKY! The puffy baggy look have diminished so much that people I haven't seen for awhile have told me how pretty I look! Thank you so much Dr. Brandt. "
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ultimate anti-aging solution
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