2.0 oz. / 60 g

 “Everyone has pores. Enlarged pores are a concern for people of all ages and skin types. Pores don’t discriminate.” -Dr Brandt Associates

Dr. brandt PoreDermabrasion is a unique physical and chemical exfoliator and pore perfector in one. No matter how old you are or what type of skin you have, enlarged pores are a huge concern. Shrink them down to the vanishing point while smoothing and evening skin’s texture.

  • helps refine the appearance of pores
  • helps cleanse pores
  • helps smooth and even skin texture

+FREE Travel size pores no more pore refiner primer included with every purchase

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"I absolutely love this product. I received it as a sample in my birch box (only good item I ever received from them) and I read all the reviews and looked at the price and wasn't sure... but when I tried the product I became a believer. This worked like a charm. It not only works to reduce pore size but to eliminate blemishes. I love this and wish I could use it daily but instead I use it once or twice a week. It has become one of my holy grail items."
– Janice, orting, WA
"Got a sample of this in my birchbox. Waited a several weeks to try it. Wish I had known how amazing this product is. I noticed a difference right away. My skin was smooth and glowing. I even called my sister and took her a sample bc I was amazed with my results!! This is my holy grail product and made my day to get it on sale."
"This stuff is amazing. I received as a sample in a kit from Sephora and now I am in love with Dr. Brandt products. I just bought the full size and was excited to see I will also receive a bonus primer to try. The 30% off sale made this feel like a good purchase. The scrub leaves your skin feeling invigorated and clean. I occasionally experience a single deep painful pimple, but since trying this it has kept my pores clear and I have not experienced this issue."
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