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pores no more pore effect
pores no more pore effect
An effective refining cream
1.7 oz / 50 g


No matter where you live, everyday pollutants and free radicals cause pore-clogging debris to nestle below the skin’s surface. Dr. Brandt’s pore refining cream contains salicylic acid to stimulate cellular turnover and clean pores, while tea tree and rosemary penetrate pores to eliminate blockage. This pore decongestant can be used by people with all skin types, and is most effective on oily/combination skin tones.. Lavender extract and palma rosa calm irritated or sensitive skin with a clarifying action that is gentle yet effective. Product tip: Can also be used on arms and legs as a great alternative treatment for keratosis pilaris.

  • controls excess oil
  • fights bacteria
  • prevents clogged pores



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pores no more pore effect

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""I have tried almost everything out on the market. Products that claim to do one thing or another and have never gotten anything to work for me, that is until I tried this product. I have been using this product for almost three weeks and I feel good about the purchase. I see a significant difference in my pore sizes on my face. My skin is oily and prone to acne breakouts however with the shrinking of my pores I also see a reduction in my acne. I will buy this product again and recommend it to"
"This is my go to product when my skin feels congested. It usually clears my face up of black and white heads pretty well within a day or two."
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