reparative anti-aging skincare solution
reparative anti-aging skincare solution
Sell through item! No longer available

Turn back time and reverse the signs of aging. Dr. Brandt’s technologically advanced formulas with AGE REVERSING PLATINUM TECHNOLOGY deliver ingredients deep into the skin to lift, firm, tighten and restore sagging aging skin.

    Step 1 - time arrest crème cleanser: This creamy, hydrating cleanser restores skin’s natural protective barrier.

    Step 2 - time arrest eye serum: A multi-tasking, lightweight formula that tightens the delicate skin around the eye area and improves skin’s surface texture and density to smooth crow’s feet.

    Step 3 - time arrest crème: This ultra hydrating firming cream improves elasticity, restores skin’s volume and reinforces skin’s structure to provide a more lifted appearance.

    Time arrest is a sell through item. Dr. Brandt recommends:  NEW DNA Ultimate Anti-aging bundle


This product will no longer be available. Dr. Brandt recommends best selling Do Not Age ultimate anti-aging solution.
reparative anti-aging skincare solution
We regret that this item is not available at this time.
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