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needles no more</br>3-D Lip Plump Fix
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3-D Lip Plump Fix

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3-D Lip Plump Fix

Size: 0.08 oz/2.5g
  • Application Time:

    A.M. and P.M.

  • Replenish:

    Every 30 days

  • Frequency:


  • Target Area:


Why We Love This Product

3-D Lip Plump fix visibly primes, plumps and hydrates lips. It improves definition, smoothes lip lines, nourishes to maintain fabulous fuller looking lips and allows lip products to wear longer.
  • Step .01
    Just click/twist from the lock position to a.m. to p.m. to dispense product.
  • Step .02
    Twist back to lock position when done. A.M. apply directly on lips for fuller and plumper lip contour.
  • Step .03
    Expect to experience a tingling sensation. P.M. Apply around lip areas and on lips.

  • Acts as a mini reservoir of water restoring hydration and providing a plumping effect
  • Helps stimulate collagen and HA to improve lip definition and contour
  • Stimulates new fat cells and inhibits loss to help keep lip skin plump and maintain fullness.
  • Helps to promote tissue regeneration to improve lip skin thickness and smooth vertical lines
  • Combination of oils and butters that help to deeply moisturize and nourish lips while promoting recovery overnight

Results To Expect:

Lips are visibly plumped and hydrated. Overtime, definition is improved, lip lines are smoothed for fuller looking lips.

Helps lip products wear better and longer

  • Moisturizes

  • Reshapes Face Contour

  • Hyaluronic Filling Spheres (TM)- Filled with hyaluronic acid
  • Restructuring Peptide + Dual Fat Enhancer
  • Biomimetic Self Tissue Regenerator -plant derived molecule
  • Lipid Recovery Complex- Butters: Shea + Moringa
  • Oils: Coconut, Macadamia, Grape Seed, Pomace, Olive Oil, Jojoba, Sunflower Oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Feels nice on my lips

I first tried this product a few months ago. The am and pm choices are great. Sometimes I will mix them and my lips feel soft. Not so plump, but it does fill the lips some. I ordered more because I do see the difference in the moistness of my lips. I do like this product.

Must have product for thin lips

I ordered this because I was curious to see if it actually works. I have a small upper lip and an average sized bottom lip. I’ve always been so self conscious about it and wanted Lip injections. My family always deters me from getting juvederm so I’m always on the hunt for a lip plumper with lasting results. I had never found one before this product. I’m obsessed! After a few days of consecutive use, I could visibly see a significant difference in my lips. I kept looking in the mirror and they just felt fuller. Super hydrated and no lines either! If I skip a AM or PM step I do notice the results start to lessen, so you have to stay consistent. But it’s so worth it. I bought 3 back ups because I never want to be without it. The tingling sensation in the AM step is mild compared to other plumpers that literally sting. But the results are SO much better. I have one of those lip suction things too but I always get a bruise around my mouth with it and the results go away so quickly. This product by far is the best! It doesn’t look like you got plastic surgery or anything but you will definitely notice results with consistent use.

So good!

Normally I’m hesitant to purchase any lip plumping products because 99% of them don’t actually work. But, because I know and love Dr. Brandt products, I decided to give it a try. Thank god I did because it’s amazing! Definitely worth the price. Love that it gives an AM and PM option. This is a must-have product!

Love this Lip Product

My lips are always dry and cracked during the winter and was in desperate need of moisture. This product helped with the dryness, literally overnight! I have also recently had lip injections and the plumping (am) portion of this product is beyond amazing. I use it as part of my morning routine and most days I don’t even need to use lipstick or gloss or anything. You can definitely feel it working and it makes my lips full and glossy throughout the day. I have bought at least six different Dr. Brant products recently and I’m so in love with all of them. They’re pricy, but worth it. You get what you pay for and when it comes to skin care no price is to high!!

a must have

This stuff is amazing! highly recommend it!