Getting older is a fact of life(and one to be grateful for, we might add). Of course, given society’s messages to us about the value of youth, it’s not always easy to feel gratitude when signs of aging start to appear on our skin. Especially when they feel premature. Skincare products that boost your skin’s resilience - like our Drop of Strength All-Day Strengthening Serum - can help hold back these early, visible signs of aging. Because while about one-fourth of skin aging patterns are genetic or hormonal (this is known as ‘intrinsic’ aging), the remaining 75% is determined by external factors, together referred to as ‘extrinsic aging’. Below, learn about the main causes of extrinsic aging, as well assteps you can take to slow its pace.


What are the causes of skin aging? 

Generally speaking, the appearance of visible age markers boils down to one thing: oxidative stress. While intrinsic factors (ie. your genetics) do contribute to its creation, the good news is that the vast majority of oxidative stress is extrinsic, or lifestyle-related. So while we can’t quite change the inevitability of aging, we can slow down its visual effects on skin by understanding - and managing - the factors that influence it. Skincare-wise, you’ll want to seek out products that shield skin from damage (whether by blocking UVs, delivering antioxidants, or protecting the skin barrier).

Lifestyle-wise, some of the key factors that influence extrinsic aging include nutrition, smoking habits, sleep quality, environmental pollution, UV exposure, and stress levels. Imbalances in these areas generate oxidative stress, which damages cells over time, accelerating the appearance of signs of aging. So from a lifestyle perspective, the best things you can do to prevent premature aging are to manage stress, get quality sleep, eat an antioxidant-rich diet, and quit (or never start) smoking.

The role of skincare

Lifestyle aside, a well-designed skincare routine - or a hero product like Drop of Strength - can absolutely help build up skin resilience. Skin resilience is our ability to regenerate, repair, and resist external aggressions, from weather changes to stress. Resilient skin is less susceptible to environmental factors, produces a lower inflammatory response to irritants/chemical exposure, and shows better elasticity with reduced TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss). The most basic, foundational skincare routine for more resilient skin:

  • A gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip skin of natural oils, like our pH-balanced Clean Biotic cleanser
  • moisturizer adapted to your skin type
  • Broad-spectrum sunscreen, ideally SPF 50+ and lightweight enough to go under makeup like Liquid Sun Shield

From there, you can start working in more specific products designed to provide more concentrated, concern-specific care. For everyday skin support against oxidative stress, we created Drop of Strength All-Day Strengthening Serum, a serum designed to ​​stimulate cell detoxification and promote cell longevity, all while providing everyday hydration and skin barrier protection. One ingredient in particular, Alpha Glucans, is thought to support skin autophagy (the body’s natural cell detoxifying, rejuvenating process). Light like an essence yet concentrated like a serum, it absorbs quickly, boosting the efficacy of the rest of your routine. For reinforced results that support your overall health, pair it with new Drop of Strength Immune Protect, our first-ever dietary supplement designed to promote more beautiful skin from within.

After 4 weeks of use:

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