May : Diversity and Speaking Out Against Hate

May : Diversity and Speaking Out Against Hate

Inclusivity in the workplace

In May, Crayola unveiled a new pack of colors called “Colors Of The World” which featured skin tone colors from individuals around the world to promote inclusivity. The crayons were created with Victor Casale, CEO, and co-founder of cosmetics maker MOB beauty, in order to gain an accurate representation of shades. For too many years, the color “nude” or “skintone” has simply been recognized as a light-brown color with no representation of dark skin. Crayola created this pack to better educate the youth on inclusivity and racial inequalities. Overall, it's a step forward in acknowledging and appreciating the many different skin tones that exist not only in the United States, but worldwide.

As a member of the beauty industry, acknowledging skin tone and what that means for skincare is something we’ve been doing since Dr. BRANDT skincare was established. It’s so important for individuals to properly identify with their skin tone without being discriminated against or wrongfully profiled. While Crayola’s creation is only a band-aid for a much larger issue of systemic racism, it’s a positive change that can better represent all different people. At Dr. BRANDT skincare, it’s our job to support inclusivity not only within our marketing campaigns and advertising, but also as a company.

Within our company itself, we are intentional in our hiring needs. We strive to allow equal opportunity for all races, backgrounds, and ethnicities. For full transparency, our company is composed of 44% Caucasian, 41% Latin, 12% Black, and 3% Asian. We are constantly working on making our company diverse and are always looking for the best in the field, regardless of their race, background, or ethnicity.

Along with that our brand also aims to support inclusivity within our marketing campaigns. We always look to recruit models with different body types, skin colors, and skin textures, in order to truly showcase the effectiveness of our products on a variety of ethnicities. The products we create are created for all and will provide results on all skin-tones, textures, and ethnicities. Our goal is to always highlight and focus on all backgrounds, genders, and ethnicities and provide equal opportunities for all.

Your voice is crucial for change

This year during the George Floyd protests as part of the Black Lives Matter movement, our brand actively took a stance on social media to showcase our support for the movement. We will not tolerate hate in any form and will always stand behind fighting against hate and injustices. Furthermore, as a brand, we will always stand up against hate, racism, inequality, and injustices of all kinds. We will not engage negatively and will continue to support our customers, employees, friends, and partners in any way that we can. As a company and organization, we will always be dedicated and committed to the wellbeing of all people, especially those communities that need it most. We promise to continue to support, stand with, share resources, and fight for these injustices for as long as it’s needed.

In order for our country to move forward, it’s crucial for brands, individuals, and those with a voice to use their platform to speak out against injustices. Whenever we can, we lend our platform to unique voices and perspectives to educate and inform our audiences. As a country full of diversity, speaking out against hate and injustices are crucial in order for the country to change.

As a brand, we are always looking for ways to improve and to be as inclusive as we can be. We don’t discriminate against skin tone, ethnicity, gender, or background. Within our brand, everything is done with intention and we are constantly striving to do better. This is done by increasing diversity in our hiring across all aspects of our brand and by standing against racial injustices. We will always stand against hate, racism, inequality, and social injustices. 2021, we hope you bring new progress to the fight against racial injustices. We promise we will continue to stand up against what’s wrong and to use our platform to encourage positive change.

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