4 tips to get rid of dry skin

4 tips to get rid of dry skin

By Dr. Shasa Hu, MD, FAAD

What causes dry skin?

Dry skin affects a lot of us, especially when the weather is cooler and drier. Dehydrated skin appears to be ashy, flaky and often feels rough. On the cellular level, dry skin is caused by a combination of inadequate lipids or water-retaining molecules in our skin. This skin problem can be hereditary, environmental, or a result of a poor skincare routine. A lot of us, especially those with sensitive skin, will experience dry skin with climate changes, over-washing with harsh soaps, long showers / baths, or wearing synthetic fabrics.


How to avoid dry skin?

  1. A Gentle skin cleansing routine is essential. Avoid rigorous scrubbingwhen you wash your skin. If your skin feels tight or looks red after washing, then you will need to step down to a gentler soap or shorten your shower time. Also avoid washing with hot water because it strips away oil from your skin. Try B LAB Oil-to-Foam cleanser, the formula begins as an oil, which is gentle and hydrating, and then transforms into a luxurious foam that deeply cleanses the skin.
  2. In the summer, don’t over exfoliateor skip your moisturizer if your skin feels tight.
  3. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acids, ceramides, squalene, lipids and dimethicone. One of our favorites is needles no more hyaluronic face cream 2.0.
  4. Avoid products that havefragrance, contain alcohol and ones that have formaldehyde releasing agents.
  5. If you have dry skin already, then choose natural fiber clothing(cotton, linen) and machine washable material over synthetic fibers or dry cleaned cloths.


How to get rid of dry skin?

The main principle of getting rid of this skin condition is to minimize behaviors or exposures that strip away natural sebum and at the same time, have a consistent routine of adding hydration and emollients to protect your skin barrier. A daily moisturizer is best applied immediately after the shower, when your skin is barely towel dried. In fact, when moisturizer is applied to damp skin, there is greater absorption of humectants. It is very important to read the label when you pick your moisturizer. Look for products that are fragrance free, formulated for sensitive skin, and contain at least 2-3 of known hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, squalene, ceramide, glycerin, lipids, natural oils and sealants such as shea butter, moringa oil, dimethicone, petrolatum and allantoin. The sealants are usually oil based such that form a protective layer to further minimize water loss through your skin. Lastly thicker moisturizers are better for drier skin. Lotion may be suitable for everyday use, while creams and ointments are better for very dry patches. For stubborn dry areas, seal in the moisturizer with an additional layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor, followed by cotton pajamas at night. Lastly be patient when you first start repairing dry skin, it will take at least 2 weeks to notice visible changes in your skin appearance and feel.


Fight against dry skin around eyes

The skin around our eyes are thinner, have fewer sebaceous glands, therefore, is a lot more prone to dryness or irritation. Therefore, for dry patches around eyes, ingredients in your eye cream need to be even more “purer”, as in containing the least amount of added fragrances, preservatives or surfactants as possible. Look for “fragrance free,” “ophthalmologist tested” on the label of eye creams when you have dry skin around your eyes. When you do get persistent dry patches around eyes, first try to eliminate makeup wipes or harsh cleansers, and apply a fragrance-free eye cream twice a day to restore skin barrier. The dare to age 360º Firming Eye Cream is a fragrance free all-around eye care with a comprehensive firming and smoothing treatment. It contains essential ingredients that restore and hydrate the skin: glycerin, sunflower seed oil and shea butter. It also contains our proprietary VITACELLREGEN Complex™ harnesses plant-based stem cells from Japanese rose and kiwi berry to reactivate skin rejuvenation from within, so powerfully corrects the look of fine lines, dark circles, and sagging skin, eyelids included. If dry patches persist or get worse, be sure to see your dermatologist.


Try a recovery sleeping mask

At nighttime, our pores are more open, and we lose more heat and water (transepidermal water loss). This is why active ingredients in our skin care products can penetrate deeper at night, and also why a nighttime routine, and adding a night cream, can be very effective to restore skin balance. The Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask is an overnight leave-on gel moisturizer. It hydrates the skin with a rich combination of glycerin, ceramides and fatty acids. The unique combination of probiotics and oligosaccharide helps to restore normal skin pH and repair damages from daytime exposure to harsh ambient air. Lastly manuka honey and tea extracts help to calm down redness, so that you wake up with refreshed and hydrated skin especially when our skin has been exposed to cold and dry air during the day.


The moisturizing neck cream

The delicate skin of our neck is another area that needs TLC. Similar to the eyelid skin, it has fewer number of oil glands compared to the other parts of body, making it more susceptible to dry air, colder climates or harsh effects of cleansers. Additionally, the frictional rubbing of our clothing around our neck make the it easily irritated. Dry skin of the neck only speeds up the signs of aging our neck and décolletage. A neck firming cream with hydrators should be an essential part of your skincare routine to extend your youth. It’s best to extend your face lotion and cream down to your neck to prevent dry patches from setting in. To step up your routine, incorporate a firming and moisturizing cream designed specifically for the neck. The needles no more Neck Tightening Cream is a fragrance free, rich firming cream designed for those concerned with lack of elasticity, sagging neck and dehydrated skin. Inspired by in-office procedures, formulated to lift and tighten the look of delicate neck skin, smoothing lines and improving sagging under the chin. The glycolic acid improves skin texture on the neck area. Another tip to minimize irritated or dry neck skin is to apply perfume on your inner wrists or behind the ears instead of your neck.

The perfect all in one cream

We all wish for a miracle cream that will fix everything from dry skin to dull complexion and that also reverses aging. Truthfully, there is no one product that does it all. For people with very dry skinand concerns of aging, a facial cream such as needles no more Hyaluronic Face Cream is a cream that locks in moisture to hydrate and replenish skin for up to 72 hours*, and rejuvenates skin for a more plumped, youthful look. Instantly improves the appearance of expression lines & wrinkles and works as a daily long-lasting plumping hydrator, for anyone concerned with loss of volume, the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and loss of fullness due to dehydrated skin and dry skin.

Dry skin is something that can affect every skin type even if you normally have oily or combination skin. Be proactive in your skincare routine as soon as the weather changes to cooler and drier seasons. Reading the label is essential in picking the right cream for your needs. Eliminate harsh soaps/ cleansers, fragrance or excessive exfoliation when you experience a dry or dull complexion. To treat dry skin, it is best to choose products that are specifically formulated for face, eyes, neck and body as our skin varies in thickness, sensitivity and needs by body area. Lastly be patient and consistent when you treat dry skin, it takes at least 2-4 weeks to see and feel the difference in your skin’s hydration level, smoothness and glow. If you have persistent dry patches, or experience itching and redness, be sure to seek professional evaluation by your dermatologist.

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