Intuitively, the idea of your cells self-destructing doesn’t exactly sound like a good thing. But this is precisely what happens in autophagy, the process by which damaged cells are cleared away and replaced by younger, healthier cells. In fact, finding ways to induce autophagy (on purpose) is the goal of health practices like intermittent fasting and even intense exercise. Naturally, autophagy holds tremendous potential for anti-aging skincare, which is why our new Drop of Strength All-Day Strengthening Serum features a polysaccharide known as Alpha Glucans that’s thought to stimulate the process. Below, learn more about autophagy and its applications in skincare—and help defend your skin against damage with help from Drop of Strength here.


Spotlight on autophagy

To recap, autophagy is a powerful natural process in which defective cells are destroyed, paving the way for newer, healthier ones. You might think of it as a recycling or detoxifying process in which the body rids itself of old or damaged cells, reducing oxidative stress and generating newer, ‘younger’ ones. This happens all throughout the body, from brain, to liver, to—you guessed it: skin. 

How skin autophagy can help skin look younger

Oxidative stress - from UV exposure, lifestyle, diet, stress and anxiety etc. - is the key culprit behind skin aging. It follows that activating skin autophagy can help rejuvenate cells damaged by oxidative stress, turning ‘junk’ proteins that speed up the aging process into amino acids and other useful components that can then be used by the body to synthesize brand-new proteins and cells.  

Skin benefits of autophagy 

  • Stimulates cell detoxification 
  • Increases cell and tissue longevity 
  • Improves the surface condition (i.e. the look) of skin 
  • Minimizes the visible signs of photo-aging 

Supporting skin autophagy through skincare

Currently, few skincare products are specifically designed around autophagy. So at Dr. BRANDT, we set out to develop a formula that could help harness autophagy’s incredible anti-aging potential. Working from Nobel Prize-winning research, we createdDrop of Strength All-Day Strengthening Serum, a serum designed to ​​stimulate the autophagy pathway, reinforce cell detoxification, and promote cell longevity, all while providing everyday hydration and skin barrier protection. Light like an essence yet concentrated like a serum, it absorbs quickly, boosting the efficacy of the rest of your routine. For reinforced results that support your overall health, pair it with new Drop of Strength Immune Protect, our first-ever dietary supplement designed to promote more beautiful skin from within.

Real Results:  

“I love the smoothness—my skin feels soft to the touch the next morning. I also love the gentleness, non-greasy, oily, tacky feeling after applying. I love the instant firming and long-lasting hydration of it. My skin looks brighter with a beautiful, natural glow.”



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