In today's fast-paced world, sleepless nights are a common occurrence. Stress, work, or just life, in general, can leave people with tired, dull skin and puffy eyes that make them look and feel less than their best. That is where "Dr. BRANDT" comes to the rescue with a comprehensive guide to bid farewell to signs of fatigue and welcome flawless, radiant skin.


 1. Exfoliate

Lack of sleep, stress, fatigue can make your skin look dull and a lot older than you really are. Skin loses its radiance and translucency, so one of the best tips for radiant skin is to increased skin-cell turnover and brighten and polish the skin´s surface when you exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate… Inspired by in-office microdermabrasion procedures, Microdermabrasion Face features a combination of fine buffing grains and AHAs so you get the benefits of both gentle physical and chemical exfoliation.


2. Moisturize

You also need to make sure your skin is properly hydrated, face and especially around the delicate eye area, because skin that is plumped up with moisture automatically looks better. Dr. BRANDT iD-STRESS collection is powered by Energlow Complex, this powerful refreshing duo, ICY GEL MOISTURIZER face moisturizer and FATIGUE FIGHTING EYE GEL eye moisturizer, relieves skin tired by lack of sleep, stress and fight dullness for hydrated, luminous and revived skin, both include up to 3 different key hydration and moisture agents to clinically proven improved hydration.


3. Prime Your Eyes

Eyes are usually the first feature notice by friends, loved ones, and strangers – who may be quick to judge if you have dark circles, puffiness, undereye bags, no matter what caused a sleepless night. No matter which eye cream you used, every morning apply on top NO MORE BAGGAGE, our best-selling formula, embraced by influencers and celebrities worldwide, instantly tightens and smooths the skin, de-puffs the look of under-eye bags, and brightens dark circles. The Filmatrix technology combined with caffeine and peptides creates a second skin film, visibly reducing under-eye bags and puffiness. Immediate results and long-term benefits for overall under-eye health, suitable for all skin types, and it can be used with or without makeup.


A Product Discovery

With sleeping hours being reduced year after year, makeup is sometimes a quick fix solution, but not always works or results are as we expected, so while many looks for a miracle, we introduce a game-changing brightening serum, Dr. B LAB HYDRATING SERUM-TO-HIGHLIGHTER, a skincare multitasker, it provides intense hydration as a standalone serum, replenishing your skin's moisture barrier, and doubles as a highlighter, brightening specific areas of the face with a luminous finish. A bonus tip, you could mix it directly with your face moisturizer for a quicker application, same amazing results.

If you didn't get enough sleep last night? Don't worry; we've got just what you need to revive your skin and awaken those tired eyes. With NO SLEEP NO PROBLEM trio, you'll bid farewell to signs of fatigue. Plus, as a special bonus, enjoy the refreshing and invigorating cooling effect of our Id-Stress collection to rejuvenate your mind as well.

Say goodbye to signs of fatigue and hello to a radiant, stress-free complexion!

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