In the dynamic world of medical aesthetics, a transformative shift is occurring as two new botulinum toxins make waves in the market. Anticipations are high as a third is expected to arrive soon, promising longer-lasting effects in the battle against aging signs.

The inclination towards non-invasive procedures to combat the visible effects of aging is on the rise. In 2021, just over 5.5 million procedures involved toxins and fillers in the United States. One of the most look after injectable treatment to target expression lines and deep wrinkles involves Botulinum Toxin. This neuromodulator is not merely a tool to smooth wrinkles; it extends its utility to restore radiance, elasticity, and facial tension, as well as treat conditions like acne, rosacea, or scars.

35 years ago, the approval of botulinum toxin marked a revolutionary moment in aesthetic medicine in US, particularly for relaxing and preventing expression wrinkles. Botox, the pioneering neuromodulator, became synonymous with the procedure itself, much like how brands like Kleenex or Coca-Cola have taken over the names of their products. However, in recent times, the market dynamics are shifting with the introduction of three new botulinum toxins, breaking the longstanding dominance of three major brands from Merz Pharma, Allergan, and Galderma laboratories.

According to Dr. Virtudes Ruiz, a Spanish surgeon and aesthetic doctor, the emergence of these new toxins is driven by the need for alternatives with shorter durations, as antibodies and resistance to existing options have developed. The pharmaceutical industry is responding by providing safe alternatives with extended effectiveness and more approved indications.


Letybo (Letybotulintoxin A), originating from Korea and manufactured by Croma-Pharma, is a notable newcomer. Approved in 26 countries, it distinguishes itself by being indicated for patients up to 75 years old, with effects lasting between four and six months. However, it is currently approved only for glaberal lines treatment, with expectations of expanding its indications soon.

Alluzience, presented by Galderma, offers a liquid and ready-to-use alternative, distinguishing itself with a formulation devoid of human albumin, preservatives, lactose, or animal-derived proteins. With faster-acting effects noticed between 24 to 48 hours, it provides predictable results lasting up to six months. However, the fixed dilution may necessitate larger volumes, and the injection process can be more painful.

Daxxify (Daxinotulintocin A), expected to land soon in Spain, is marketed by Revance Therapeutics in the USA. Boasting a lower molecular weight and a synthetic stabilizing peptide, it offers a longer duration of six to seven months. While comprehensive studies in patients are pending, it eliminates the need for cold storage and promises more natural results with reduced diffusion capacity, though it comes with increased pain during injection.

The decision to use one neuromodulator over another ultimately rests with the doctor, who, armed with knowledge about the characteristics of different products and the patient's unique profile, determines the best option for each individual case.

However, we must recognize that a significant percentage of patients may be hesitant to undergo injectable treatments or are seeking to extend visible results between injections. These opportunities led to dermaceutical formulated skincare alternatives become a trustworthy option.


Dr. Fredric Brandt, known as the “Baron of Botox”, as reportedly administered more Botox than any doctor in the world, formulated Dr. BRANDT's Needles No More WRINKLE SMOOTHING CREAM, offering anyone an at-home solution to mimic the effects of wrinkle-relaxing injectables, also extending and helping to prolong the results for those who did injections, at home with a topical cream.


With instant and cumulative effects on existing and future expression lines and wrinkles, especially on the forehead, frown lines, and crow's feet, these skincare alternatives provide a non-invasive approach to achieve desired results.

We were the first to create an at-home topical solution to mirror the effects of wrinkle-relaxing injectables. You've got nothing to lose but the look of your wrinkles!

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