3 Ways Technology Is Impacting the Future Of Skincare

3 Ways Technology Is Impacting the Future Of Skincare

Skincare is the new makeup – or at least, skincare has taken center stage as one of the most important players in the beauty industry. Consumers are now caring more about improving the appearance of their skin rather than covering it up with makeup; according to Fortune Business Insights, the skincare market is estimated to be a 200.25 billion dollar industry by 2026.

In today’s landscape, with many beauty services still closed or on limited schedules due to COVID-19 protocols, there is a noticeable trend of consumers turning away from professional skincare treatments and towards at-home alternatives. Beauty technology tools, ranging from cleansing devices to mirrors that analyze and track skincare progress, are growing in popularity, allowing users access to professional treatments and curated skincare regimens right at their vanity. As beauty tech continues to blur the line between at-home and professional skincare, it’s becoming clear that the future of skincare is one in which technology is heavily intertwined. The HiMirror is one example of a device that brings professional beauty solutions directly to consumers; developed with the input of 350+ dermatologists, HiMirror is a CES Innovation Award-winning smart beauty mirror that analyzes and tracks users’ skin conditions based on key skin factors and provides personalized tips and recommendations. Below, HiMirrordiscusses some key ways in which smart technology is revolutionizing skincare and shaping at-home beauty experiences for years to come.

Augmented Reality Experiences

Sometimes the fruits of your skincare labor are clearly visible, but you may often find yourself unsure whether your fine lines have actuallyreduced or if your eyes are being clouded by wishful thinking. Augmented reality (AR) technology is now being used in skincare to show users their skincare “truths.” HiMirror takes a photo of a user’s skin, analyzes it for 7 key skincare factors such as pores and dark spots, and creates an AR image of the user’s face with outlines of the detected factors. Users can then toggle between each factor, selecting different facial areas to compare and contrast the concentration levels. HiMirror keeps a historical record of these images with every use, creating a montage video so that users can view their progress in real time. This technology definitively shows the progressions and regressions in skin health, thus thoughtfully informing user skincare decisions.

Artificial Intelligence Personalizing Beauty Routines

An ever-growing skincare industry means an ever-growing amount of skincare products popping up on shelves, and an ever-growing sense of difficulty when it comes to curating a skincare routine that works for you. There is a clear need for customizable solutions and personalized recommendations in skincare, and that’s where artificial intelligence (AI) technology comes in. With AI technology, beauty devices are able to make custom skincare suggestions in an unprecedented way.

HiMirror uses AI technology to take a photo of the user’s skin, analyze it for key skin factors such as pores and dark circles, and deliver a rating of how your skin compares to other members in your shared demographic. Using that data, HiMirror assesses which skin factors could use a boost and provides a personalized skincare summary encompassing an action plan and dermatologist-approved tips. For example, if HiMirror detects dark circles under your eyes or puffiness, it may suggest needles no more® No More Baggage® for instant and long-term use. With repeated use of a product and the technology, HiMirror tracks the skin’s progress and alerts the user of any noticeable changes, allowing them to definitively know the effectiveness of their skincare routine.

Intelligent Delivery Systems Connecting Consumers with Products

With the amount of skincare products available on the market, it can often feel like a maze just to find something that fits your needs. Intelligent delivery systems like the ones found in HiMirror use historical skincare data to make calculated recommendations and thereby streamline the decision process.

Upon a skin analysis measurement, HiMirror searches through its database to find products that address the user’s lowest performing skin factors (and even local weather conditions, ascertained through its integration with Accuweather). Then, HiMirror populates a list of its recommendations where users can review each entry’s skin factor claims as well as important ingredient and allergen information. This technology ensures that users are connected with products that meet their specific needs, without needing to actively search for them. It’s like having your own personal skincare consultant!

Thanks to innovations in skincare technology, the days of skincare guesswork and reliance on professional guidance are being left behind - we are now entering the age of accessible, at-home personalized solutions. Watch this space!

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