August: Entertainment and sustainability in an Amazon box and why companies are taking a stand

August: Entertainment and sustainability in an Amazon box and why companies are taking a stand

Your typical August probably includes time at the beach, in the sun, and sippin’ on refreshing drinks with family and friends. That’s definitely what we had in mind while planning the summer launch of our Cool Biotic redness relief cream! The sun shining down on you - with your SPF of course - using Cool Biotic as an after-sun cooling moisturizer. What August actually brought our way looked very different.

Indoors, social distancing, and mask restrictions still remained. In an effort to entertain and bring smiles to families and children stuck inside, Amazon established the “Less Packaging, More Smiles” campaign. This included a call to action to recycle any packaging received with an Amazon purchase and use the provided QR code to learn how to make inspiring cardboard creations! Amazon knew their customers liked to re-use their packages in different ways, which inspired them to update the packaging designs for easy to make creations, fun for the whole family.

Boxes were used to build children’s playhouses, slides, action props and more!

This innovative and inventive campaign by Amazon is only one of the many ways businesses pivoted to better accommodate the consumer during these unprecedented times, but also supporting a brand mission. Amazon’s sustainability mission and recycling program were further driven by this campaign and those who participated.

It’s been reported that nearly one third of an average dump is made up of packaging material. In just one year, each American throws out about 1,200 pounds of organic garbage that can be composted. But the US is the #1 trash producing country with the average American producing 1,600+ pounds of trash per year, meaning 5% of the world’s population is generating 40% of the world’s waste. These baffling statistics have encouraged many leading companies to propose drastic changes when it comes to sourcing materials, manufacturing and shipping. These changes, rather small or large will work together to reshape the consumer goods industry to help build a better future for our families and those that come after us.

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