November: Vegan-Alternative Solutions and the Miami Humane Society

November: Vegan-Alternative Solutions and the Miami Humane Society

Vegan-friendly products have become more popular recently as people look to more natural solutions for everything they purchase for day-to-day life. Leather and fur are often touted as the biggest offenders when it comes to fashion. Skincare products and the ingredients within them can be a bit different. Just because a skincare ingredient comes from a living thing, that doesn’t mean the living organism was killed during the retrieval process.

For example, Honey and Beeswax are both non-Vegan ingredients often found in skincare products including balms and masks. While the honey and wax retrieval can be done in a more humane and natural way than in the past, some still feel that the inhumane conditions and manipulation of nature is unnatural and therefore not something to buy into as a consumer. Nowadays there are many substitutes for beeswax and honey including agave nectar, rice syrup, molasses, barley malt, maple syrup and dried fruit. The skincare industry is defintiely pioneering the vegan movement and constantly coming up with alternative sources.

As for the leather industry, Project Blu says it created a vegan-friendly pet collar line without compromising on quality. Their collars, leashes, harnesses (and even poop-bag holders) are handmade in Italy from apple skins mixed with an organic polymer to create “an incredibly strong, waterproof material that is also kind to the planet.” On a mission to remove pollution from the pet industry, Project Blu wants to revolutionize the pet product market offering products that are sustainable, affordable, and built to last.

We are LOVERS of our furry friends at Dr. BRANDT and proud supporters of the Greater Miami Humane Society, following in Dr. Brandt’s footsteps. Dr. Brandt himself had many dogs throughout his life, including a white labrador retriever, Benji! If we’ve learned anything this year, we know how important companions are, especially those who love you unconditionally!

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