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DoNotAge with drbrandt </br>beauty sleep serum
DoNotAge with drbrandt
beauty sleep serum
Sleep, renew and revive skin

DoNotAge with drbrandt
beauty sleep serum

Sleep, renew and revive skin
Size: 1.35 fl oz / 40 ml
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Why We Love This Product

A potent night serum with exotic Tahitian black pearls full of nutrients that help rejuvenate skin while you sleep.
Brimming with precious Tahitian black pearl extract, this intensive nighttime serum improves skin during the hours of sleep. When skin is in its resting state, it’s primed for skin renewal. Aiding in this process is purifying plankton extract which helps neutralize free radicals, a contributor to photo-aging.

How To Use: Apply on cleansed skin every evening before your Do Not Age with dr. brandt dream night cream
  • Step .01
    Apply on clean skin, only on face in P.M.
"In just one night, I awoke to soft, smooth, glowing skin."

A uniquely restorative blend of ingredients optimizes skin nightly, at any age. Working at the optimal time for skin renewal, this restorative mode literally doubles the rate of improvement in skin’s vitality. Upon waking, skin looks firmer, smoother, more luminous.

  • Paraben free
  • Phthalate free

In the morning, skin looks fresher, brighter and significantly better-rested than the night before. Newly energized, there’s a visible vitality and radiance that lends to a more youthful appearance. Ideal for all skin types concerned with visible signs of skin aging.

  • Helps accelerate nighttime skin renewal
  • Wrinkle-fighting ingredients help replenish skin’s radiance


Texture: Serum

Consistency: Light weight

Scent: Fragrance free

    Results To Expect:

    In a self-assessment survey of 30 women who used the product every evening for 4 weeks:

    After 1 night:

    • 90% reported that skin looks rested and fresher
    • 93% reported that skin texture appears softer and smoother

    After 2 weeks:

    • 97% reported that skin feels recovered
    • 93% reported that their skin feels re-energized and revitalized
    • 87% reported that the appearance of lines and wrinkles has diminished

    After 4 weeks:

    • 97% reported that product provides vital freshness to stressed and tired-looking skin
    • 93% reported that product recharges tired skin
    • 93% reported that product provides skin a new life
    • 83% reported that product detoxifies skin

    • Moisturizes

    • Fragrance Free

    • Minimizes Lines & Wrinkles

    • Chronopeptides and Persian Silk Tree Extract: Together, these help provide a rested look.

    • Precious Tahitian Black Pearl: Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, this queen of pearls helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

    • Plankton Extract: Detoxifies skin cells to help decrease protein oxidation that causes skin aging