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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Martez Nixon (Broadview, US)
VERY universal & quality SPF (Melanin tanned skin review)

So I decided to give Liquid Sun Shield SPF 50 a chance & test it out over the past few days. . . And I can tell you— I was not disappointed.

Not only do you get a smooth & glowing finish, but there also isn’t that annoyingly grey finish after application! You know... the one that makes you look like you smudged white paint through your pores.

It meshes really well with my makeup & skincare routine as well.

J. (Farmington, US)


dulce regino (Missouri City, US)
Dr. Brandt Liquid sun Shield, Works for me!

I recommend this sun protector 100%
It’s light and creamy, gets absorbed nicely.
I'm happy to use it every day.
The aplicador
With the dropper applicator, you control how much product I want to use

Lindsey Rose
My holy grail sunscreen

I hate wearing sunscreen. I know that it’s necessary but I absolutely hate the way that it feels on my face. This sunscreen feels like a serum, goes on incredibly well soaks into my skin feels amazing on my skin. Not only that but it’s incredibly easy to reapply without ruining make up. There is no way I could ever go back to using another sunscreen.

Carol Gallo (Cape May, US)
Great product

I had asked if you had a sunscreen last year so glad it’s here