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Customer Reviews

Based on 221 reviews
Robert Nacarano (Hollywood, US)
Needles No More

My girlfriend really likes this cream!

Susan Schultheis (Afton, US)
Helping me look my best.

I am 62, but only in the last year have I noticed some lines at the corners of my eyes and one above my upper lip. I tried your product last year and noticed it helped my lines seemed to almost disappear! I ran out this year, and ordered another bottle. You have an excellent product.

Geri Walker (Acme, US)

It works well

Jennifer C
Fountain of Youth in a Pump!

Dr. Brandt managed to find the fountain of youth @ bottle it up for us. This gel like cream targets aging skin concerns such as fine lines, crows feet, smile lines & wrinkles, and helps smooth them out & even reduce the appearance of them altogether over time. It is such a lightweight, yet hydrating and cooling formula. It sinks into the skin beautifully and isnt sticky or tacky. There is a slight tightening feeling as it dries down but absolutely no irritation or tingling sensation. This is a great product if you’re someone who wants to look younger and have a more even complexion without resorting to Botox, fillers and other costly cosmetic procedures.

Piper Landers (Panama City, US)
Great for wrinkles

I have some set lines in my forehead and they’ve really softened up through use of this cream. It has a bit of a minty sensation upon application but nothing irritating. It’s been a little over a month and they’re much smoother lines than previously.