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Send Your Pores To The Shrink


Send Your Pores To The Shrink
Size: 2.0 oz. / 60 g
  • Application Time:

    AM or PM

  • Frequency:

    1-2x per week

  • Target Area:


Why We Love This Product

a targeted pore perfecting exfoliator
Dr. Brandt gives you pore-perfecting technology at your fingertips with a professional-grade micro-crystal solution that instantly deep-cleans and refines pores. Ideal for oily-to-combination skin types concerned with large pores.
  • Step .01
    Dampen skin with water and slowly and gently massage cream for one minute
  • Step .02
    Leave it on for one to two minutes to activate deep cleansing
  • Step .03
    Rinse well and pat dry.
"Instant gratification in a tube.” Michelle Lee, Allure’s Editor In Chief

This obsessively-targeted, dual exfoliator features precision-sized crystals to deep-clean and refine pores to the vanishing point.

  • Paraben free
  • Sulfate free
  • Phthalate free


Texture: Cream to scrub

Consistency: Medium weight

Scent: Fragrance free

    Results To Expect:

    Strengthened, refined, and tightened pores for an even and smooth skin texture.

    • helps unclog and refine the appearance of pores
    • provides dual exfoliation: physical + chemical to effectively remove dead skin and improves skin’s texture

    AFTER 1 APPLICATION – Satisfied Volunteers:

    • 97% reported that skin feels cool and refreshing
    • 93% reported that their skin look smoother and softer
    • 90% reported that product exfoliates without being abrasive
    • 83% reported that product helps reduce shine providing a matte look
    • 80% reported that their pores appear clarified and purified

    AFTER 4 WEEKS – Satisfied Volunteers:

    • 100% reported that overall appearance of skin improved
    • 100% reported that skin texture improved significantly
    • 97% reported that product deep cleanses pores
    • 97% reported that the product helps reduce shine providing a matte look
    • 97% reported that skin looks smoother and more even
    • 87% reported that product diminishes significantly the appearance of pores

    • Exfoliates

    • Unclogs & Minimizes Pores

    • Fragrance Free

    • Micro-size Aluminum Oxide Crystals: Blend of smaller crystals targeted to deep clean pores and improve skin texture.

    • Caviar Lime Extract: Improves exfoliation; promotes a smoother, brighter, and even complexion.

    • Salicylic Acid: Helps unclog pores.

    • Lentil Seed Extract: Refines the look of pores.