How to focus on wellbeing while staying home

How to focus on wellbeing while staying home

Puzzling, cooking, working out, and perfecting skincare routines are just some of the ways people are making the best of their time at home during the pandemic. Whether you are learning a new language, spending more time with family, or using the time to relax and center yourself, this time should be about YOU and YOUR wellbeing. In times like these, it’s important to focus on your mental health.

We asked our DR. BRANDT TEAM, what they are doing to stay busy and creative outside of work and shared some of their answers!

What we do to improve our mental health during quarantine

Eddie, Digital Marketing Coordinator:

I’ve been running 4 miles every day down Ocean Drive. Fitness wasn’t the biggest priority for me when I started self-isolating, but it made me feel better everyday, so I found that whenever I had some downtime, I chose to workout.

Nicolle, Social Media Coordinator:

Masking, SO MUCH MASKING! Being the social media coordinator, I’m always trying out our products and developing new ideas to share on our different platforms, but I’ve found myself truly enjoying the routine of unplugging while masking. My favorites are ourOxygen Facialwhich makes my skin look brighter and feel more hydrated after 3 minutes andVacuum Cleanerwhich helps unclog and shrink the appearance of my pores. And of course ourMagnetight Age Defying Mask which is the BEST for sharing fun photos and videos with friends.

Sara, Digital Manager:

My husband works really long hours 6 days a week but since the quarantine every evening before sunset, we take our son out in the backyard and play on the rope swings or play tag with him as a family. We have really gotten to spend quality time together with no tv or iPads and it has brought us closer together as a family. Walter (our rabbit) always joins in too. Definitely memories I will cherish forever!

Linda, Senior Social Marketing Manager:

I grew up playing board games and puzzles - to this day my dad still buys my sister and I games for every holiday! Puzzles help balance my mind and allow me to unplug and unwind, while still critically thinking. So far, we’ve done three 500 pieces and one 1,000 pieces. I’m trying to get my hands on more but they are a hot commodity. I’m also taking an online Photographic History class provided by MoMA!

As a company, our virtual company-wide happy hours also keep our team connected during the pandemic and allow Stephane, CEO and President, to check in and make sure everyone is doing okay. Don’t forget to check up on your family and friends.

What are you doing to improve your mental wellbeing during quarantine?

Dr. Brandt Skincare offers a wide variety of weekly livestreams including cooking demonstrations of healthy, nutritionist recommended meals, working out sessions hosted by FitHouse instructors to get your blood pumping and meditation to clear all negative thoughts.

Head over to @drbrandt and @drbrandtfoundation on Instagram and share with us how you are working on your wellbeing during COVID-19. Share your story with us for a chance to be featured!

Mental health awareness

During self-isolation, mental health is more important than ever. People are alone and unable to see family and friends during these trying times.

The Dr. Brandt Foundation hosted the #SayILoveYou Campaign during the month of April to help the University of Miami Health Systems provide Personal Protective Equipment to support the medical staff at the front lines of this pandemic. This provided physicians with the proper equipment to keep them protected and safe, and battle COVID-19 to the best of their physical and mental ability. We want to thank them and first responders and essential workers around the world for all they are doing to protect us.

To join in to #SayILoveYou donate $1 to the Dr. Brandt foundation or by purchasing our Microdermabrasion.

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