Sweat Session Essentials shared by Fithouse Instructor, Nina Marchione

Sweat Session Essentials shared by Fithouse Instructor, Nina Marchione

With the onset of Covid-19, thinking about packing a gym bag may be the farthest activity from your mind. Once studios and training facilities are back open, a majority of the 50.2 million American gym goers will be running back to their gyms toting their favorite workout essentials. Working out can have a positive impact on depression, anxiety, stress, and memory so why not incorporate some new pieces into your routine for an extra boost?

From water bottles to post-exercise snacks, we asked Fithouse trainer Nina Marchione what her must-haves are for an optimal sweat session.

Fitness, skincare and nutrition

For starters, I always have my Fithouse adjustable cap to keep sweat out of my eyes in a HIIT class or Box classes, and I never leave the house without an extra pair of leggings or joggers.

An apple in the morning or before 2PM in the afternoon is the BEST for boosting energy! I recommend organic Honeycrisp or Pink Lady apples with some almond butter to curb any sweet tooth cravings. I’m not a huge fan of protein bars but I do like Perfect Bars and Rx Bars. I usually have Blue Ribbon BCAAs Watermelon flavor as my go to for a recovery drink. Other than that I prefer to stick with my espresso. My water bottle is another item I always have in my bag!

I love the Dr. Brandt pores no more Pore Refiner Primer as a post-workout and clean face go-to for clear skin without needing makeup! The product contains Salicylic Acid which treats your skin, while also providing a mattifying base. I always have it in my bag!

In terms of footwear, I can’t pick a favorite - I’m a sneaker lover of all kinds! For dance cardio, jumping, or running I usually go with Adidas Womans UltraBoost. For heavy lifting I like Nike Met-cons. For in the streets I like anything with some flare and city flavor!

Calm the mind

Music will set the vibe for any workout - no matter what the mood. There’s a playlist for everything! I add music from my classes to my Spotify playlists. This specific playlist I shared here is designed for a high intensity workout like Sculpt or HIIT class, or even if you want to run or cycle. It’s upbeat and a definite mood booster! It’s great for motivation and to help get your blood pumping!

Any advice for those who feel unmotivated or find it hard to get back into a routine?

Everyone is different and we should all be kind to ourselves. Working out and being healthy enough to move our bodies is something we should never take for granted, especially after a time like this. Now more than ever we should try to view our workouts and our health as a gift or a reward that we are privileged to have - don’t look at it as a task or a chore, or something you do to achieve a “look”. Don’t force yourself to do intense workouts on the days you aren’t feeling it, but do know the difference from when it's actually your body saying you need rest, instead of your mind telling you to skip it because it’s being negative. A quick and short workout is still proven to be effective and boost your endorphins, sometimes that’s all it takes to change the mindset - this is where you have to hone in!

There are sick people all over the world that would give anything for another chance to get out of bed. Do it for yourself, and do it for those people who can’t. You never know who is watching and could be inspired by even your smallest action. Your health is the most valuable thing you will ever own, period. If that’s not motivation I don’t know what is!

Workout Playlist

Want to boost your workouts like Nina does? Listen to her Spotify playlist HERE.

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