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Frequently Asked Questions

Loyalty Program

Dear dr. brandt® skincare Loyal customer, your question may already be answered below, but if you cannot find your question answered, do not hesitate to contact our customer service at

How do I get started with Loyalty?
In order to start your loyalty program you need to create an "account" with us, you can follow the link on “get started” or complete the information on the order confirmation page.
How do I track my loyalty points?
You can track your loyalty points at any time by logging into your account and going to “my rewards” tab. This tab will also allow you to redeem points once you have reached enough points for any of the tiers.
How do I redeem my points?
You can redeem points by logging into your account, then going to “my rewards” and then to “manage rewards”. Simply follow the instructions. Points can be redeem once you have reached each tier threshold.
Can I receive points for "Create an Account" action even though I already have an account?
No, points for the "Create an Account" action are only available to users who create an account after the launch of the loyalty program.
How do i earn points for purchases?
For every $1 spent on the purchase of a product, you receive 1 point. Points are not issued for any amount spent on taxes or shipping costs. Thus, loyalty Points are only earned for money actually spent on the product.
What are featured items and how do I earn 2x points?
Featured Items will change from time to time (usually every 3 months) and they are selected by our team. The products that qualify for 2x points will have this note on the product information page. During this time, if you purchase any featured item you will get double the purchase points.
Do the points expire at any time?
Points don’t expire while you have an account with us.
What are the minimum points that are needed in order to redeem points?
Vous devez avoir au moins 100 points pour pouvoir les échanger ou vous pouvez attendre pour obtenir une récompense plus importante en accumulant plus de points.
What happens if I return a purchase that used loyalty points? Can my loyalty points be refunded to my account?
Please follow the steps of our return process; once your return has been processed, your points will be added back to your account.