Social distancing can be mentally challenging. In an effort to promote wellbeing through Integrative Dermatology - The study of how an individual’s genetic composition, nutrition, environment, mental and physical health can impact his or her skin health; we are offering multiple activities for you to enjoy during this time...

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Cooking Session - Molly Knauer

Nutrition is an important part of skin and mental health. With our Skin Advisory board member and registered dietitian Molly Knauer, you will discover the impact of eating healthy and how this can affect your mood, physical health and your skin. Get your chef's utensils and kitchen ready!

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Wellness Q&A - CEO Stephane Colleu

Our CEO Stephane Colleu will be hosting a takeover with different guests each week, where they will talk about wellness subjects such as dermatology, fitness, nutrition and many more. We encourage everyone to participate and submit questions!

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At Home Workout - FitHouse

Who said you can't exercise at home? With this NYC based fitness studio, you can now bring the gym to you. With specialized instructors in barre, sculpt, HIIT, Yoga and more you will feel great physically and mentally. 

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Meditation Session - Jasmyn Russell

Time to unwind, control your thoughts and suppress anxiety. Jasmyn Russell is a yoga and meditation teacher who specializes in corporate wellness. This is a great way to improve your mental health during self-isolation and working from home.   

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